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Our goal is simply to delight consumers for the benefit of merchants...
  About the G-Store
Welcome to Cosh ka G–Store , the most merchant-friendly and convenient retail and lifestyle site on the Internet. The G-Store brings the marketplace together in a site that is both convenient for consumers and efficient for merchants.

The problem merchant's face with the Internet is that the Internet is a "pull" medium. The consumer is totally in charge of when they shop, where they shop, and from whom they shop. Cosh ka addresses these merchant needs by creating the G-Store which is organized by product category. This innovation allows us to turn product-based searches into purchases for participating merchants.

The G-Store is an extremely cost-effective source for customers and orders for our merchants, because we bear all the marketing risk to attract consumers to our web site, and the merchant only pays a mutually agreed commission for each order we deliver.

We help consumers to shop online efficiently by organizing products from hundreds of merchants from around the world, allowing consumers to shop across them all - from start to finish. We also help merchants expand their brand reach and acquire incremental orders. By delighting consumers for the benefit of our merchants, Cosh ka is striving to be the shopping web site of choice for both.
  We invite you to place your brand with the Cosh ka G-Store and experience the cost-effective benefits designed specifically to help you capture more of the demand that exists for your products. We manage all the inherent business rules such as the privacy, returns, shipping & handling for each merchant, allowing us to deliver orders to you the merchant to be fulfilled.

As a participating merchant you only pay a mutually agreed commission for each order we deliver, making the G-Store an extremely cost-effective source for a customer base and selling tool for your products.

A quick look at how the G-Store works
Step 1.
Complete and submit the online merchant registration form. It's free, quick and simple.
Step 2.
Become a member of PAYPAL, if you are not already one. It's FREE to join.
Step 3.
Take photographs of the items you want to sell and send them by email to
Step 4.
Complete the online product form for each item you want to sell and submit it to us.
Step 5.
The item details (description, colours, sizes and price) and images that you submit to us will be put online in the G-Store catalogue.
Step 6.
The consumer will purchase your item(s) online.
Step 7.
You the merchant, will be informed of the purchase and provided with the consumers shipping details.
Step 8.
You the merchant, will dispatch the item to the consumer.
Step 9.
Cosh ka will pay you the merchant, by transferring funds for the item, into the your PAYPAL account.

G-Store merchant benefits

•  Promote your products with G-Store and your products will be featured prominently in our shopping directories and will appear in highly relevant areas across the Cosh ka web site, giving you access to ready and willing buyers.
•  Your products will be featured in detail in our news letter sent out fortnightly to our bank of customers to help them make informed purchase decisions. We currently have a growing number of 500,000 registered users and our demographics are approximately 40% male and 60% female, with a broad range of age groups mainly from Australia and the UK.
•  We collaborate and share our expertise and best practices to help you create the most satisfying buying experience for your customers.
•  We manage all the inherent business rules such as privacy, returns, shipping & handling for each merchant, allowing us to deliver orders to the merchant for fulfillment.
•  The G-Store cost-per-order (CPO) based pricing model is not only zero-risk to the merchant, because you only pay us when we send you an order, but is also typically much more profitable than cost-per-click (CPC). Please feel free to contact the G-Store team if you have any questions on how Cosh ka can become your most effective partner on the Internet.

Registration is completely FREE!

Click on G-Store merchant registration if you are a merchant and you are not registered with G-Store and want to sell products online.

Click on Add products to the G-Store if you are already registered with the G-Store and already have a Paypal account.

Click on G-Store image requirements to find out how to take and submit photographs of the products you want to sell on G-Store.

Click on Become a member of Paypal if you do not already have a Paypal account. It's FREE to become a member and the registration process is simple.


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